Strategic Coaching

Competency Building/Mentoring Skills/Client Coaching/Performance Reviews and Assessments/Team Building/Employee health and well-being/Athletes and Coaches

It’s true for individuals, couples, families and even business, building solutions is more helpful than focusing on problems. Solution-focused coaching is particularly well suited to professional, corporate and athletic coaching because it focuses on performance: doing. What results do you want instead? What are you going to do differently? What is working? How can we do more of that?


Solution-focused coaching builds confidence and competence, helping managers and employees develop personal and professional goals that enhance well-being, creativity, strategic thinking, relationships, and as a result, corporate culture.

Solution-focused training can give your staff the ability to coach clients, transforming your current client relationships. Imagine being able to co-construct your client’s preferred future - allowing you to serve and connect to your clients in a manner that meets their future needs!




My interactions both as a participant and observer in a Solution Focused workshop with Elaine have been nothing but positive. Elaine has a confident and insightful approach. Elaine is respectful, engaging and able to put every person that she interacts with completely at ease. Elaine encourages participants to be vulnerable and inquisitive so that they are able to maximize their learning experience. I am amazed by Elaine’s ability to present and facilitate every aspect of her communication within a Solution Focused framework. I aspire to be able to demonstrate and model that level of skill and expertise


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