Personal Coaching


Transition/Health & Body​/Communication​/Goal Setting/Conflict/Behavioural/Emotional well-being..........


Research indicates that solution-focused coaching is effective in as few as 4 to 5 sessions. Coaches work with clients to discover their best hopes, their preferred future - what they want instead. We focus on solutions, not problems, because what we focus on grows. In particular, solution-focused coaching amplifies client’s competence, allows them to identify action steps that are helpful, and the possibility that surrounds doing something different. We help the client create a memory of the future that is self-directed.



What do solution-focus practice and your stillpoint have in common? Both help us to make different choices in the present moment, rather than choices and actions that perpetuate harmful, negative cycles.


Solution-focus coaching is especially effective with children and youth because we assume they have the answers they need. Instead of being told what to do, and how to do it, they come up with the solutions that will work best for them - they co-construct their preferred future.

We work with schools and students to resolve relationship issues, build competence and community.