Group Coaching

Group work is particularly helpful for individuals with similar concerns and/or issues. In particular,  group work provides participants access to the solutions and ideas of group members as well as their own solutions. Final solutions to concerns are generally more meaningful, relevant and enduring. Group work also extends compassion, empathy and creative thinking. Participants are unburdened by the thought 'they are the only ones' with a particular problem, and can be empowered to contribute to not only their own solutions, but the solutions of group members. Research indicates that group work is as effective as individual work, and in some cases more effective.


Our coaches are experienced group work leaders. Please contact us for more information.

It was a pleasure to work with Elaine. Her flexibility and easy-going facilitation style made the learning environment enjoyable and engaging. Elaine worked with participant questions and hopes creatively, using a variety of  activities. She makes learning and practicing fun, while at the same time models what participants are working toward. Thanks for all of the care and warmth you bring to training sessions Elaine!


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