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Solution Focused coaching helped me make an important career decision and map out a plan to realize the best possible outcome in one session!


L.M., Burlington, ON

 I thoroughly enjoy Solution Focused Coaching because it gets me out of my purely "feeling" mode, and into a place of action. By focusing on a new desired result, it strips away the unnecessary from a situation, leaving a clear path to focus on. From this place of empowerment, wonderful things evolve. I've have amazing results from simple yet powerful sessions. .


A.C., Vancouver, B.C.





 A good approach (S.F.) for managers or teams wishing to identify solutions for challenges or to apply as a process to develop strategic or implementation plans. .


E.L., Northumberland County

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Your stillpoint is that tiny pause between breaths. It is the transition between intake and outcome. It is considered a place of perfect peace and clarity.

Solution-focused coaching, is a strengths-based approach of coaching that guides clients toward their preferred future. Coaches and clients co-construct the strategies needed to make your preferred future a reality. 

What do solution-focus practice and your stillpoint have in common? Both help us to make different choices in the present moment, choices that lead to positive actions, success and well-being in all areas of your life.

What we do     that's different

Why choose US 

That's simple, because we are very good at what we do - helping you.

Elaine is awesome!  Her knowledge and enthusiasm for SF translate into a valuable and engaging learning experience.  Working with her definitely enriched my own practice and I liked how she integrated her SF perspective into her facilitation-style.


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At Stillpoint Solutions we work with our clients to help illuminate their strengths and resources. Then we work collaboratively to discover and implement changes that are purposeful and enriching.


We help our clients to do something different. Small changes can yield big results.

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